Dropper Collective - Santa Rosa, 48 Hour Film Festival

– - –  Dropper Collective  - – -                                       Santa Rosa  48 Hour Film Festival

Our film premieres

Friday, August 23rd at 10:00pm at:

Summerfield Theater

 551 Summerfield Road, Santa Rosa, CA


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Check out our Dropper Collective “Behind The Scenes” footage

of our 48 Hour Film Festival Movie, “Eight

 YouTube Preview Image

The film category we “literally” pulled from the 48 Hour hat was “drama”. At 7:01 pm on Friday August 16th 2013, we began the 48 hours that would create a film that would reveal its title as “Eight“.

This short five plus minute film is about a recently released convict, and his father who reunite. As one struggles for closure, the other, struggles with and around forgiveness.

The son is compellingly portrayed by Chuck Starzenski, and Clay Atchison engenders a powerfully charged role as his father. This drama masterfully directed by “Luc” Dale Davidson, who further demonstrates his striking artistic skills as a cinematographer, and his finely tuned editing with special effects expertise.

Our Team “Dropper Collective” evolved from a 2011 SRJC Media 20 Film making class, taught by a remarkable film maker and mentor, Clay Atchison. Several of our class assignments included creating teams that produced short films. After our class ended, Luc created a Facebook Group and titled it the “Dropper Collective” (from the slang synonym for guerrilla, as in guerrilla film makers). The team has evolved, and now includes other film makers as well as aspiring professionals.

We truly had a remarkable team for this 48 Hour project.  A few days before the beginning of the festival we lost a key cast member, then, several of our extras cancelled. Literally hours before we were to begin, the music composer decided to help his brother move, rather than create the soundtrack for our film. Minutes before the festival began, we secured permission for what was “thought to be” the primary location for our film. During the actual festival “film creation time”, one of our key production assistants texted us that Saturday morning an ambiguous text, and never again appeared on set.

With each challenge, the remaining Team Members just took on what needed to be accomplished. Sam Euston, Team Leader/ Production Supervisor, is an accomplished A.S.C.A.P. music composer, and just added the films soundtrack to his task list.

Athena Wheaton masterfully assumed the duties of 2nd Camera, Production Coordinator/Assistant, Actor, and many others. Mario Morquecho (our human energizer bunny) just took it upon himself to do anything (at any time day or night) that needed to be done.

The entire team brainstormed the thematic concept for the film, and valuable contributions were made by team members.  Our remarkable writers (Javier Martinez, Chuck Starzenski, and Clay Atchison) honed the script, refining its nuances to enhance the compelling story line.

During the “official” festival Mario recruited our boom operator, and Miguel Sanchez, who took on the task and made a significant contribution and eased some responsibilities from other team members.

Javier Martinez dutifully took on the role of Script Supervisor, encouraging the actors in their roles and maintaining dialogue consistency. Javier has a way of “being” a solid encouraging force that helps ease any pressure, as well as a true artist of word and dialogue.

We also thought it would be great to have a documenting project videographer, and Jonathan Morquecho became relentless in his capturing us making our film, very very cool additional player.

At the last minute Chuck recruited his friend Sean Legier, who not only lent us his skills as an actor, but greatly contributed to sharing his humor and great energy to our team.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor:  “Luc” Dale Davidson

1st Assistant Camera, Assistant Editor:  Athena Wheaton

Starring: Chuck Starzenski, Clay Atchison
Co-starring: Sean Legier, & Athena Wheaton

Writers: Javier Martinez, Chuck Starzenski & Clay Atchison

48 Hour Project Team Leader &  Production Supervisor: Sam Euston

Soundtrack Composer: Sam Euston
Script Supervisor: Javier Martinez
Documentarian: Jonathan Morquecho
Boom Operator: Miguel Sanchez
Pro Master: Chuck Starzenski
Production Assistant: Athena Wheaton

For additional information please contact our Team Leader:
Sam Euston